Advanced usage

Specific versions of end user packages

End user packages are automatically built on a weekly basis, in order to follow upstream development.

Users that do not wish to be up to date with the upstream development cycle are invited to hardcode in their Kaggle notebooks a fixed release by replacing{install-script}

in the instructions reported in the Packages page with{commit}/releases/{install-script}

where {install-script} is the installation script of the desired package, and {commit} is the SHA of a commit in this list at which the desired version was available. Those users may also want to pin their Kaggle docker container to a specific image, rather than the default option of running on the latest container.

GitHub workflow to facilitate notebook preparation

The Open in Kaggle workflow facilitates automatic preparation of notebooks for deployment on Kaggle, by automatically adding installation cells, replacing images contained in the local repository with their base64 representation, and scraping links to other notebooks in the same repository. Notebooks can be uploaded to Google Drive, to a GitHub repository or as artifact of a GitHub actions run. Sample usage is available in this workflow file.